Saturday, February 10, 2007

lost in zoo loo ,contd.. (vineeth)

karthik shat like shit.He shat for half an hour.In the toilet he sang:
"oh shitty shit
how will i sit
in this stinky hole
with shit coming from my hole?"

During this time his mother met a very rich and sexy man and was flirting like shit with him.(Man I think there is too much shit in this story!)Later She realised that he was not really intrested in her when he started wooing a hot girl nearby.So she left him and then surprise,surprise!No karthik around!
She though 'fuck! where is my fucking son??" and "Shit! is he lost?".
She searched everywhere including in the monkey cages.Then she realised that it was time to use her special powers (do-little powers).She started talking to the monkeys,lions, and other bitches around asking them if they have seen her son.