Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lost in Zoo Loo (Achal)

zoo, according to Karthik, was a place for animals to be. humans, according to him, should not be at zoos. but unfortunately for him, his mother didn't think so. even more unfortunate was the fact that this holiday, his mother wanted to take him to the zoo, and that he would not be able to play cricket with manu and anup. he protested against it, he made excuses ranging from "i am scared of the snakes there", to "it must be crowded there today, what if i get lost".

of course his mom didn't know that unknowingly, her child has predicted the future and she should listen to him, and forcingly, she took him to the zoo. throughout the journey, karthik was very glum, and his mother was trying to cheer him up all the time, but it didnt help. in the zoo also, the same game continued. karthik suddenly felt like shitting badly. he told his mother, who thought that this was another of his excuses and she asked him to stop with his excuses. after some time, when he just couldn't help it, he slipped out from his mother's view and ran straight to the zoo loo. as we all know, he got lost!

First day First show

This Blog is basically a collaboration of VRA, the pen name for 3 authors (Vineeth, Ravitej and Achal).
this blog will be totally a work of fiction, with any resemblance to anything living or dead being proverbially coincidental.
we will have stories, which will contain 3 parts...all three written by different people...where one continues from where the other has left.
hope you enjoy this Blog!